Want to be a part of our adventure?

September of 2019 will be the launch of our pilot Kindergarten program, but it is far from the full vision that is Beatrice Cooperative Academy (BCA). In the upcoming year we are fully immersing ourselves in the process of forming a P-12 program of education that integrates home and school learning, to support families across a broad spectrum interested in a radiantly Catholic experience for their child’s school years.

Beautus ille servus,” the latin phrase meaning: “blessed is that servant.” This is Jesus’ statement in Luke 12:43 as He discusses one in the kingdom of God, giving of oneself generously to those whom God has tasked to your community and care. We have adopted it as our launch motto to remind us of our founding principles.

BCA is firmly grounded in gift culture, which St. John Paul the Great referred to as “the Law of the Gift.” To be a gift is to pour oneself out in creativity, time, and talent for love of those in your life. It is where we find our richest blessing and fulfillment. This belief is interwoven throughout all of Christian thought from Creation to the birth of the Church and her mission of evangelization. We believe that when we see beauty, goodness, and truth within this “gift” approach to the Christian life, that evangelization and education of our children takes on a synchronized character.

Do you have a desire to give of yourself? To evangelize? Have you considered how your gifts and talents might be put toward the benefit of others by serving children and families within an educational community? BCA is forming an educational community that seeks to revitalize and radiate Catholic culture within the Northwest. Contact us to learn more about the fulfilling ways you too could be a part of this revitalization and radiation.



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