Beatrice Cooperative Academy (BCA) provides an authentically Catholic vision of education, which puts parents at the forefront as leaders and grace-filled guides of their children’s education. Charlotte Mason’s nuanced approach to the classical tradition is unmatched. It includes picture and nature study, narration, poetry, and living books within a full curriculum. BCA finds that her emphasis on the child and development of virtuous habits aligns with the Catholic view of the human person in relation to God and the world. Using this approach,  BCA envisions children who delight in learning so that knowledge and wisdom are nurtured in each soul.

Current Program is 2 Days per week

  • BCA seeks to balance formal education with family life through an integration of learning together in a beautiful setting with learning at home, all carefully guided by the Charlotte Mason curriculum. Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday 10:15 to 1:30 (You can opt for one or both days).

An Education in the Company of Saints

  • The Saints are one of our greatest inheritances as Catholics and they enrich every aspect of learning. They are integral to a Beatrice Cooperative Academy education.

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